KitchenAid KRFF300EBL Refrigerator User Manual

Using the Controls
Wait 24 hours for your refrigerator to cool completely before
adding food. If you add food before the refrigerator has cooled
completely, your food may spoil.
NOTE: Adjusting the refrigerator and freezer temperature
controls to a colder than recommended setting will not cool
the compartments any faster.
The recommended setting should be correct for normal
household refrigerator use. The controls are set correctly
when milk or juice is as cold as you like and when ice cream is
NOTE: Areas such as a garage or porch may experience
warmer or colder temperatures and higher humidity than
inside the home. You may need to adjust the temperature
away from the recommended set points to accommodate for
these conditions.
If the temperature is too warm or too cold in the refrigerator or
freezer, before adjusting the controls, first check the air vents
located in the refrigerator and freezer compartments to be
sure they are not blocked by food items.
Control Panel
The control panel is located inside the refrigerator compartment.
This control operates both the refrigerator and freezer
The control panel will display the Home Screen, as shown, when
either refrigerator door is opened.
Temperature Control
For your convenience, the temperature control is preset at the
factory. When you first install your refrigerator, make sure the
control is still set to the recommended setting as shown.
Recommended Setting (3 lit boxes)
Adjusting the Temperature
If you need to adjust the temperature in either the refrigerator or
freezer compartment, use the settings listed in the following chart
as a guide.
Press either the FREEZER TEMP or FRIDGE TEMP button to
select the desired temperature setting from (1 box [least cold]
to 5 boxes [coldest]).
NOTE: Except when starting the refrigerator, do not adjust the
control more than one setting at a time. Wait 24 hours between
adjustments for the temperature to stabilize.
Cooling Off/On
Your refrigerator and freezer will not cool and water will not
dispense when cooling is turned off.
To turn cooling off, press and hold both the MAX COOL and
MOISTURE CONTROL buttons, at the same time, for
3 seconds. When cooling is off, “Cooling Off” will appear on
the display screen.
To turn cooling back on, press and hold both the MAX COOL
and MOISTURE CONTROL buttons, at the same time, for
3 seconds. When cooling is on, “Cooling Off” will disappear
and the previously selected settings will appear on the display
Additional Features
Max Cool
The Max Cool feature assists during times of high refrigerator use,
full grocery loads or temporarily warm room temperatures.
Press MAX COOL to set the freezer and refrigerator to the
coldest temperature settings. Press MAX COOL again to
return to the selected temperature set point.
The Max Cool icon will be illuminated while the refrigerator
is in Max Cool mode.The displayed compartment
temperature settings will not change.
The Max Cool feature will turn off automatically after
24 hours.
setting (box) more
FREEZER too warm/too little ice FREEZER TEMP one
setting (box) more
setting (box) less
setting (box) less