KitchenAid KRFF300EBL Refrigerator User Manual

Ice and Water
Temperature is too cold in
the refrigerator/crisper
The refrigerator air vent(s) are blocked If the air vent located in the top, left, rear corner of the
refrigerator compartment is blocked by items placed directly
in front of it, the refrigerator will get too cold. Move items
away from the air vent.
The controls are not set correctly for
the surrounding conditions
Adjust the controls a setting warmer. Check the
in 24 hours. See “Using the Controls.”
The ice storage bin is not
in the correct
See “Ice Maker.”
Temperature is too cold in
the pantry drawers
The control is not set correctly for the
items stored in drawer
Adjust the control setting. See “Refrigerator Features.”
There is interior moisture
NOTE: Some moisture
buildup is normal.
The room is humid A humid environment contributes to moisture buildup.
The door(s) are opened often or not
closed completely
Allows humid air to enter the refrigerator. Minimize door
openings and close doors completely.
The door is blocked open Move food packages away from door.
A bin or shelf is in the way Push bin or shelf back into the correct position.
Storing liquid in open containers This adds humidity to the refrigerator interior. Keep all
containers tightly covered.
There is frost/ice buildu
p in
the freezer compartment
The doors are opened often or left
Minimize door openings and keep doors fully closed.
am era slaes rood erusnE laes rood rooP king full contact w
ith the refrigerator
cabinet to allow for an adequate seal.
Temperature controls are not set
See “Using the Controls” for recommended temperature
The ice maker is not
producing ice or is not
producing enough ice
The refrigerator is not connected to a
water supply or the water supply
shutoff valve is not turned on
Connect refrigerator to water supply and turn water shutoff
valve fully open.
There is a kink in the water source line A kink in the line can reduce water flow. Straighten the water
source line.
The ice maker is not turned on Make sure the ice make
r is on. See “Ice Maker.”
The refrigerator has just been installed Wait
24 hours after ice maker installation for ice production to
begin. Wait 3 days for full ice production.
The refrigerator door is not closed
Close the door firmly. If it does not close completely, see “The
doors will not close completely.”
A large amount of ice was recently
Allow 24 hours for ice maker to produce more ice.
An ice cube is jammed
in the ice maker
ejector arm
Remove ice from the ejector arm with a plastic utensil.
NOTE: On some models, press the lever which opens the ice
maker door to access the ejector arm.
A water filter is installed on the
Remove the water filter and operate the ice maker. If ice
volume improves, then the filter may be clogged or incorrectly
installed. Replace filter or reinstall it correctly.
A reverse osmosis water filtration
system is connected t
o your cold
water supply
This can decrease water pressure. See “Water Supply