Maverick Ventures EC-200 Egg Cooker User Manual

model #EC-200 Egg Cooker
MSRP $40.00
Hard or Soft Boil up to seven eggs in one inner tray
Poaches up to four eggs with included 2
Stainless Steel base and boiling liner
Egg shaped body features alarm buzzer when eggs are ready
Includes a water measuring cup for perfect eggs every time
This handy portable egg cooker is a neat and easy to use way to cook your eggs. Just use
the included measuring cup to put a very precise amount of water into the stainless steel
and plastic base. Turn it on with the lighted on/off button and it boils and steams away
the water, then shuts off and buzzes to alert you. More water, more cooking time. Less
water, shorter time. The measuring cup has all the markings needed on its clear sides.
Two trays are included, one for up to 4 hard or soft boiled eggs, and one for up to three
poached eggs. Size approx. 6” diam., 6 1/2” height. 120 Volts, 400 Watts. UL listed.
Box size 6 1/2” x 7” x 7”. Master pack 6. UPC 11502-40509-5 Made in China.
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