Maytag MGR5780BDW Oven User Manual

36"Height at full leg adjustment:
Side clearance
from cooktop to
18" above the
cooktop is 3" on
each side (see
solid arera)
30" Min.
Wall View
(not to scale)
Upper cabinets
can only be 13"
deep maximum.
Over range
cabinet is NOT
30" Minimum
cutout width
Height of cooking surface: 35 7/8"
Height overall:
Case width:
Door swing:
Depth NOT including handle:
Height at 0" leg adjustment:
(not to scale)
Door open
Locate electrical
supply outlet (flush
with wall) within
hashed area. Area is
13" W X 9" H.
located 9 3/8" above
floor and 1 1/2" from
right wall.
Wall View
(not to scale)
2 1/4"
Locate gas line
within shadded
Gas Location
35 1/2"
46 3/4"
29 7/8"
46 3/4"
35 7/8"
29 7/8"
25 1/2"
25 1/2"
• Units depth including door handle is 28 1/8".
• Can be installed with the back against (0") a vertical
combustible wall, and the sides below the cooktop
surface against (0") combustible base cabinets.
• Electrical requirements: 120 VAC,60Hz. 15 amp
grounded circuit protection is required.
• Gas requirements: Gas supply line should be 3/4".
Install a manual shutoff valve in an accessible location
in the gas line external to this appliance for the purpose
of turning on or shutting off gas to the appliance. The
appliance is shipped from the factory equipped for use
with natural gas and can be converted to LP gas in the
field . The maximum gas supply pressure for both LP
and natural gas is 14" WC. Minimum Pressure for
Natural gas is 4" WC. Minimum Pressure for LP gas is
10" WC.
• Proper operation requires use of range hood.
• Cabinetry over cooktop : 30' minimum clearance
between the top of the cooking surface and the bottom
of an unprotected wood or metal cabinet. 24" minimum
when bottom of wood or metal cabinet is protected by
not less than 1/4" flame retardant millboard covered
with not less than no. 28 MSG sheet steel, 0.015"
stainless steel, 0.024" aluminum or copper.
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