Miele G600 Dishwasher User Manual

Technical Information
G600 & G800 Electronic Dishwashers
4.0 Description of Function
4.1 Cabinet Construction
The inner cabinet is constructed of stainless steel (1.4301) welded
onto four (4) vertical U-section sub-frames. The cabinet is sound and
heat-insulated with bitumen and/or mineral wool matting.
Fan Assembly
(Units equipped with Turbothermic Fan)
The fan assembly consists of the Fan Motor (M2) and a PTC Release
Element (Y56), which opens the air outlet flap. The 120VAC fan
operates in the drying stage, after a brief delay. The PTC Release
Element is activated, and the Air Outlet Flap is partially opened. A
bypass channel behind the air outlet is also opened and ensures that
the moist air from the cabinet is mixed with dry air from the door
interior. This measure prevents condensation from developing. After
about a minute, the electronic switches off the Release Element,
however the Air Outlet Flap remains partially open. After a few minutes
the Release Element is activated again, which completely opens the
Air Outlet Flap. The fan operates constantly throughout this period
until the program ends.. The Air Outlet Flap remains open at program
end and closes when the dishwasher door is opened.
4.2.1 PTC Release Element
(Units equipped with Turbothermic Fan)
When 120VAC is applied to the Release Element, the PTC Resistor
heats a small grease-filled capsule. As the grease expands it pushes a
piston upward and slides the Air Outlet Flap to a partially open
position. When the Release Element is activated the second time, the
piston slides the Air Outlet Flap to a fully open position.