Miele G600 Dishwasher User Manual

G600 & G800 Electronic Dishwashers
Technical Information
4.3.2 Dispensing
During the main wash, the Detergent Solenoid (Y51) is energized
(120VAC), to open the Detergent Dispenser Flap. The water jet from
the Middle Spray Arm flushes detergent out of the dispenser.
Table 4-1: Detergent quantity in Combination Dispensers C2.06 and C2.09.
During the final rinse the Rinse Aid Solenoid (Y50) is energized
(120VAC), to open the dispenser chamber and allow Rinse Aid to be
dispensed into the cabinet.
The Rinse Aid only flows from the reservoir into the dispenser chamber
when the front door is fully opened at the end of a program.
The quantity taken into the dispenser chamber depends on the
dispenser selector setting.
Table 4-2: Rinse Aid Dispensing (Combination Dispensers C2.06 and C2.09).
When the Rinse Aid Light turns on, an additional 2 to 5 dispensings (at
setting 2) remain available.