Miele G600 Dishwasher User Manual

Technical Information
G600 & G800 Electronic Dishwashers
Refer to the figure 4-12.
The water intake hose from the WaterProof System (WPS) is
connected to the Water Inlet Mixer (Item 6). Hard water flows through
the Integrated Flow Meter (Item 1), and into the Intake Channel (Item
3), to Solenoid Valve Y5 (Item 4).
1 Flow meter B3/4
2 Surrounding test channel, for production purposes only
3 Mains water intake channel
4 Solenoid valve Y5 (wash water hardness)
5 Valve pin
6 Ball valve
7 Water reservoir - Softener reactivation
8 Overflow
Figure 4-12: Water Inlet Mixer
9 Non-return device
10 Cabinet ventilation
11 Vent
12 Water intake - Soft water from water softener
13 Water outlet to sump
14 Water outlet from water reservoir for softener
15 Water outlet to softener
16 Water intake from WaterProof system (WPS)