Miele G600 Dishwasher User Manual

Technical Information
G600 & G800 Electronic Dishwashers
Solenoid Valve (Y5) - Operating (Plus Models Only)
Figure 4-13: Water Hardness Mixer Solenoid
Refer to figure 4-12.
With no voltage to Y5
The Valve Pin (Item 5) closes the channel for cabinet ventilation. The
non-softened water then flows behind the Valve Pin (Item 5.1), through
an opening in the Water Channel (Item 3.2). From here it flows
upwards to the Ball Valve (Item 6), where a small proportion of the
water passes through a small bypass in the Ball Valve to the Water
Reservoir (Item 7), for later use during softener reactivation.
After softener reactivation, the reservoir is filled again by the time
the third water intake has taken place.
The majority of the water, blocked by the Ball Valve at the Water
Reservoir Inlet, flows through the Water Channel (Item 3.3), to the
Water Mixer Outlet and then to the Water Softener, (Item 5). After
passing through the Water Softener, the now soft water flows via the
Soft Water Intake (Item 12), back into the Water Inlet Mixer. It then
flows past the Non-Return Device (Item 9), into the Sump, (Item 13).
With voltage applied to Y5
The Valve Pin is drawn back and a portion of the hard water flows
through the hole into the channel (Item 3.1), via the Cabinet Ventilation
Port. This mixing of hard water with the soft water allows the wash
water hardness to be adjusted more precisely.