Miele G600 Dishwasher User Manual

Technical Information
G600 & G800 Electronic Dishwashers
4.16 Electronic Controlled Water Hardness (EGS)
To avoid possible glass corrosion, the wash water hardness level
should not exceed or fall below
45 ppm in programs with heating
71 ppm in program without heating
With water hardness below 286 ppm (in heating steps under 232 ppm)
the Solenoid Valve Y5 is activated to add a proportion of hard water to
the cabinet. The proportion added in this way is fixed and depends on
the mains water hardness level programmed into the electronic.
The EGS system is not active in all wash programs, however it can be
programmed if required. The additional function Top Solo has no
influence on the EGS system.
The EGS system is not active in the following cases:
In programs Universal Plus 55°, Universal Plus 65° or Economy
(standard setting).
If the programmed water hardness is above 286 ppm.
In the program when the softener is being reactivated.
When flushing the Water Softener after reactivation.
If no Water Softener is fitted.
If the function “Without Softener” has been programmed
If a water softener is fitted but has been deactivated (programmed to
“without water softener”), then the incoming water flows directly into
the cabinet via the Solenoid Valve only. However a small quantity
(approximately 1 liter) of water still flows through the Water Softener
System to prevent mold from forming.