Miele G600 Dishwasher User Manual

Technical Information
G600 & G800 Electronic Dishwashers
4.23 Top Solo Valve
Refer to figure 4-19.
If the Top Solo option is selected, water is directed to the Top and
Middle Spray Arms only. The Top Solo Valve (Y27) is located between
the Circulation Pump and the Sump within the plumbing circuit to the
Bottom Spray Arm. When Top Solo is selected an electromagnet (Item
3), releases a plastic ball in the water intake, wash and / or rinse
stages into the valve body (Item 2). This ball is now unlocked and the
water pressure pulls it free of the bottom part of the valve and presses
it against the output opening (Item 4). This almost completely closes
the channel to the Bottom Spray Arm. A bypass opening (a small
square cutout in the output opening) allows a minimal quantity of water
to flow to the Bottom Spray Arm so keeping the jets free of food
residue deposits.
The Top Solo Valve is activated after 2.5 liters of water is present
inside the appliance.
1 – Intake Opening
2 – Valve Body
3 – Top Solo Solenoid
Output Opening
Figure 4-19: Circulation Pump; highlighting components for the Top Solo feature.