Miele G600 Dishwasher User Manual

Technical Information
G600 & G800 Electronic Dishwashers
5.12 Lock / Handle Assembly – Removal
Figure 5-15: Lock Removal
Ensure the power is disconnected at the wall outlet; by shutting off
the appropriate circuit breaker
1. Remove the Outer Door Panel (5.10).
2. Remove the Control Panel (5.47).
3. Open the Door and remove the Screw (Figure 5-15 – Item 3).
Service Tip
A Sealing Ring (Figure 5-15 – Item 3) is located under the Countersunk
Screw. This Sealing Ring must be refitted during reassembly.
4. Remove the Lock and Cover.
5. Disconnect the Plug Contacts from the Switch.
6. Dismantle the Lock and Cover.
7. When refitting, ensure the two lugs on the Switch engage in the
holes provided.