Miele G600 Dishwasher User Manual

Technical Information
G600 & G800 Electronic Dishwashers
5.44 Turbidity Sensor - Calibration
After installing a new Electronic and / or Turbidity Sensor the
dishwasher must be run through a complete program
without any
Service Tip
If the above procedure is carried out with dirty dishes; the ECO System
will only be activated after approximately six (6) wash programs are
5.45 Turbidity Sensor - Removal
1. Remove as much water as possible from the Sump.
2. Lay the dishwasher on it’s back.
3. Remove the Drip Tray (5.30).
4. Disconnect the Electrical Connection to the Turbidity Sensor.
5. Loosen the Hose Clips and remove the Hoses from the Sensor.
Re-Installation Service Tip
Ensure the Turbidity Sensor is fitted with the arrow (on the bottom of
the Sensor) in the direction of water flow.