Samsung RF266 Refrigerator User Manual

quick start guide
Product features
Twin Cooling System
The Refrigerator and Freezer have separate
evaporators. Due to this independent
cooling system, the Freezer and Refrigerator
cool more efficiently. Additionally, this
separate air flow system prevents food odor
of one compartment from seeping into
other compartments.
Secure Auto Close
The Secure Auto Close feature will
automatically close a door that is
slightly open.
Easy Handle
Freezer door can be opened with
less effort.
Bigger & Wider Space
The wide shelf area and pantry provide enough space for larger items such as a pizza box, etc.
The wide freezer drawer also provides enough space for 2~3 turkeys.
Door Alarm
A helpful beeper alerts you if door is ajar.
Auto Pull Out Drawer
The upper drawer in the freezer comes out automatically as you just open the freezer door.
Cool Select Pantry™
The Cool Select pantry
is a full-width drawer with adjustable temperature control.
Tilting Pocket
The Tilting pocket can be used to store up to a 16” pizza.
Water Filtration System
Digital Display and Temperature Control
Energy Star
Energy star labeled this product could save your energy costs.