Samsung RS277 Refrigerator User Manual

quick start guide
Product features
Twin Cooling System
The refrigerator and the freezer have two evaporators. GIven this independent system,
the freezer and the refrigerator are cooled individually as required and are, therefore, more
efficient. Food odor from the refrigerator does not affect food in the freezer due to separate
air flow circulation.
Multi-Flow System
Cool air circulates through multiple vents on every shelf level. This provides even distribution
of cooling inside cabinets to keep your food fresh longer.
Xtra Space
(for RS277 models)
Vertical room next to the ice maker in the freezer provides space for pizza etc.
Door Alarm
Beep sound reminds you the door is open.
CoolSelect Zone
Drawer (for RS277 models)
User can select Quick Cool, Thaw, for quickly chill items, thaw items. Select Soft freeze,
Chill or Cool to control the temperature of the drawer.