Samsung SGH-X520 Bread Maker User Manual

Your phone is in Idle mode when you are not on a call or using a menu.
You must be in Idle mode to dial a phone number.
Press and hold
in Idle mode to disable all sounds on the phone.
To exit, press and hold this key again.
Press and hold
in Idle mode to access your voicemail server.
With the phone closed, press the Volume keys four times in Idle
mode to send an SOS message to preset phone numbers. Once the
SOS message is sent, the phone will change to SOS mode and will
receive calls only from the SOS message recipients until the SOS
mode is cancelled. Upon receiving a call from the SOS message
recipients, the phone will automatically answer the call, after one
vibration, relaying the emergency situation to the caller.
Text and graphics
Soft key function
Menu Phonebook
Printed in Korea
Code No.: GH68-12365A
English (SEA). 11/2006. Rev.1.0
World Wide Web
User’s Guide
• Depending on the software installed or your service provider or country,
some of the descriptions in this guide may not match your phone exactly.
• Depending on your country, your phone and accessories may appear different
from the illustrations in this guide.
1. SIM AT*
2. Call records
2.1 Missed calls
2.2 Received calls
2.3 Dialled calls
2.4 Delete all
2.5 Call time
2.6 Call cost*
3. Network services
3.1 Call diverting
3.2 Call barring
3.3 Call waiting
3.4 Network selection
3.5 Caller ID
3.6 Closed user group
3.7 Band selection
4. Sound settings
4.1 Ring tone
4.2 Ring volume
4.3 Alert type
4.4 Keypad tone
Message tone
4.6 Alert on call
4.7 Folder tone
4.8 Power on/off
4.9 Extra tones
5. Messages
5.1 Text messages
5.2 Multimedia messages
5.3 Push messages
5.4 SOS messages
6. Funbox
6.1 WAP browser
6.2 FM radio
6.3 Games
6.4 Sounds
6.5 Images
6.6 Delete all
6.7 Memory status
7. Organiser
7.1 Alarm
7.2 Calendar
7.3 Time & Date
7.4 Calculator
7.5 To do list
7.6 Voice memo
7.7 Currency exchange
8. Camera
8.1 Take photos
8.2 My photos
8.3 Memory status
9. Phone settings
9.1 Infrared activate
9.2 Display settings
9.3 Greeting message
9.4 Own number
9.5 Language
9.6 Security
9.7 Extra settings
9.8 Shortcuts
9.9 Volume key
9.0 Reset settings
Press the
key in Idle mode.
1 Search
2 New entry
3 Group search
4 Edit group
5 Speed dial
6 Delete all
7 Copy all to
8 Memory status
9 SDN*
* Shows only if supported by
your SIM card.
Phone layout and key functions
IrDA port
Alphanumeric keys
Web access/
Confirm key
In Idle mode, accesses
the web browser.
Selects the highlighted
option or confirms input
in a menu mode.
Dial key
Makes and answers a
call. In Idle mode,
retrieves the most
recent calls.
Volume keys
In Idle mode, adjust the
keypad tone volume.
Send an SOS message
when pressed four
SOS mode
Voicemail server key
Voicemail server
Soft keys
Perform functions
indicated by the text
above the key.
4-way navigation keys
In Menu mode, scroll
through menu options.
In Idle mode, access your
favourite menus directly.
Power/End key
Turns the phone on or off
when pressed and held.
Also ends a call.
Cancel/Clear key
Deletes characters from
the display. Returns the
display to the previous
menu level.
Silent mode key
Silent mode
Installing the SIM card and battery
1. Remove the battery cover and insert the SIM card.
2. Install the battery and reattach the cover.
Battery cover
Charging the battery
1. Plug the supplied travel adapter.
2. When charging is finished, unplug the adapter.
: Do not remove the battery from the phone without unplugging the
adapter first. Otherwise, the phone may be damaged.
To AC wall outlet
Adjusting the volume
1. In Idle mode, press the
soft key.
2. Select
Ring volume
3. Press
to adjust the volume level.
4. Press the
soft key.
While a call is in progress, press the Volume keys to adjust the earpiece
Changing a ringtone for calls
1. In Idle mode, press the
soft key.
2. Select
Sound settings
Ring tone
3. Select a ringtone.
Redialling recent numbers
1. In Idle mode, press .
2. Press
to scroll to the number you want.
3. Press to dial the number.
Using the menus
In Idle mode, press the
soft key
to enter the main menu.
Use the 4-way navigation keys ( ) as
shortcuts to access your favourite menus.
1. In Idle mode, press the
soft key.
2. Select
Phone settings
3. Select a key.
4. Select a menu to be assigned to the key.
To exit the menu
without changing the
menu settings, press
this key.
Labels at the bottom corners of
the display show the current soft
key functions. Press the left soft
key ( ) or right soft key ( ) to
perform the function indicated.
To return to the
previous menu
level, press the
soft key or
To select or modify a menu or feature:
1. In Idle mode, press the
soft key.
2. Press the Navigation keys to reach a desired menu and then press the
soft key or .
3. If the menu contains any submenus, locate the one you want by
pressing the Navigation keys. Press the
soft key or to enter
the submenu.
If the selected menu contains additional submenus, repeat this step.
4. Press the Navigation keys to find the setting of your choice.
5. Press the
soft key or to confirm your chosen setting.
Shortcut numbers
You can quickly access the menu you want by using shortcut numbers.
The shortcut number displays in front of the menu name in Menu mode.
Switching on or off the phone
1. Press and hold for more than one second to switch on the phone.
2. To switch off the phone, press and hold for more than two seconds.
Changing the display language
1. In Idle mode, press the
soft key.
2. Select
Phone settings
3. Select a language.
Making a call
1. In Idle mode, enter an area code and phone number, and press .
2. When you want to end the call, press .
Answering a call
1. When the phone rings, press the
soft key or to answer a call.
To reject the call, press the
soft key or .
2. To end the call, press .
Your phone displays the following status indicators on the top of the screen:
Icon Description
Received signal strength
Call in progress
Out of your service area; you cannot make or receive calls
except for emergency calls
GPRS network
Roaming network
Call ringer set to vibrate
Silent mode
Mute mode
Call diverting feature active
IrDA feature active
SOS message feature active
New text message
New multimedia message
New voicemail message
Alarm set
Battery power level
Menu map
Entering text
Changing the text input mode
In a text input field, press the right soft key and select the language mode
you want.
•: T9 mode
•: ABC mode
: Number mode
None: Symbol mode
T9 mode
1. Press
to start entering a word. Press each key once for one letter.
Example: To enter “Hello” in T9 mode, press
, and
T9 predicts the word that you are typing, and it may change with each
key that you press.
2. Enter the whole word before editing or deleting characters.