Sharp EBR-5000 Microwave Oven User Manual

Instruction for SHARP Built-in Kit EBR-5000 (AL)/(W)/(K)/(B)/(SL)
Before installing a Sharp Microwave Oven, read and check the following points.
1. Except U.K., for use in continental Europe only.
The oven must be connected to an electric circuit provided with a switch (contact gap no less than 3
mm) to disconnect the oven in case of danger. A safety-device like a fuse in the installation may be
used as a switch.
2. Disconnect the oven from the power supply before installation.
3. Surround
a. Make sure that the EBR-5000 is the correct surround for your oven.
b. The Sharp Microwave Ovens are designed to either stand neatly on a kitchen counter top or to be built
into a fitted kitchen cabinet using the surround.
c. The EBR-5000 surround will become hot during the oven operation. Take care to prevent burns when
you use the oven.
4. Kitchen cabinet
Prepare the kitchen cabinet as follows;
a. The kitchen cabinet must be of the following dimensions as shown in Fig. 1.
WIDTH : 560 mm - 568 mm
HEIGHT : 409 mm
DEPTH : 550 mm - 580 mm
b. Make sure that the back panel D is always fitted to ensure the correct ventilation of the oven and
that the ventilation gap C must be 45 mm as shown in Figs 1 and 2.
c. The shelf of the kitchen cabinet should be made to withstand the weight of the microwave oven to
be installed and the heaviest item likely to be cooked in the microwave oven. Refer to the instruction
manual for microwave oven weight.
5. Installation near to a conventional oven
a. When a microwave oven is to be installed next to a conventional oven, sufficient space between them
should be allowed to prevent overheating as the surround can warp with excessively high tempera-
tures. Obviously, it is important to adhere strictly to the conventional oven manufacturer's installa-
tion instructions.
A built-in microwave oven must not be installed directly above a conventional oven where the microwave
oven or built-in kit surround could be adversely affected by hot air produced by the conventional oven.
6. Installation near a refrigerator or freezer
a. If the microwave oven is to be installed above a refrigerator or freezer requiring back ventilation, a
ventilation duct behind the microwave oven must be provided. It is essential that the refrigerator/
freezer manufacturer's installation procedures are followed.
b. Do not install the microwave oven above a refrigerator or freezer which are ventilated at the front.
(For Australia and New Zealand)
Do not install the microwave oven above a refrigerator or freezer.
7. Fixing
To avoid any possibility of the kitchen cabinet moving when the microwave oven is installed, it is
essential that the kitchen cabinet is fixed to the back wall.
8. Adjustment and repair
It is dangerous for your oven to be adjusted or repaired by anyone except properly qualified service
technicians trained by Sharp.
If the appliance is ever removed from the cabinet it should be re-installed in accordance with these
instructions, which should be kept in a safe place for future reference.
The manufacturer and/or the distributors of this product cannot be held liable for any damages to the
microwave oven and/or the built-in kit caused by improper installation or adjustment.
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