Sub-Zero BI-36F/F Freezer User Manual

In a dual installation with all refrigerator
Model BI-36R, the all freezer Model BI-36F
offers maximum refrigeration capacity.
The new water filtration system removes
suspended particles, chemical pollutants,
viruses and bacteria from the ice.
Framed, overlay/flush inset and stainless
steel models are available. A new flush
inset installation option allows the unit to
sit flush with surrounding cabinetry.
Model BI-36F is Energy Star qualified.
New Built-In Model BI-36F
All Freezer
Interior Features
22.8 cu ft Capacity
Water Filtration System
Automatic Ice Maker
3 Adjustable Wire Shelves
1 Stationary Glass Shelf
3 Storage Drawers with Dividers
3 Adjustable Door Shelves
2 Stationary Door Shelves
Stainless steel Models BI-36F and BI-36R shown with tubular handles.
Louvered, panel and stainless steel grilles
for 83", 84" and 88" finished heights
Stainless steel front panels for framed,
flush inset and dual flush inset applications
with stainless steel finish and handle
Side panels in classic stainless steel and
Stainless steel tubular, pro or curved
handles and full-length extended handles
Dual installation kit
90° door stop kit
Accessories are available through your Sub-Zero
dealer.To obtain local dealer information, visit the
Showroom Locator section of our website,
Framed, overlay/flush inset and
stainless steel design applications
Flush inset installation option allows unit
to sit flush with surrounding cabinetry
Water filtration system
Energy Star qualified
Flip-up grille for easy access to condenser
Adjustable wire shelves
Door shelves are adjustable in one-inch
Max ice feature to increase rate of ice
production for a 24-hour period
This appliance is certified by Star-K
to meet strict religious regulations in
conjunction with specific instructions
found on
Flip-Up Grille Low Profile Hinges
Model Options BI-36F/F BI-36F/O BI-36F/S/TH BI-36F/S/PH BI-36F/S/CH
Design Framed Overlay/Flush Inset Stainless Stainless Stainless
Grille Louvered Panel Stainless Stainless Stainless
Handle Full-Length * Tubular Pro Curved
*Handle notincluded to allow for designflexibility.
Model BI-36R shown.