West Bend L4805 Bread Maker User Manual

BECOME FAMILIAR WITH CONTROL PANEL: Before using your bread maker, it
is important that you understand how to use the control panel, as this is the “brain” of the
machine. Review the following features to better understand what each button is designed
to do and the options that are available to you when using this machine.
The BREAD SELECT button lets you
choose TWO different bread settings as well
as the dough setting. With each press of the
Bread Select button, the indicator arrow will
point to a bread setting on the panel as well
as the dough setting. The time required to
complete each setting also appears in the
display as follows:
Bread Select Settings Time to complete
in Hours and Minutes
3:10 (Medium Crust)
3:30 (Medium Crust)
The BASIC/SPECIALTY setting can be used for almost any bread recipe containing at
least 50 % all-purpose or bread flour. If a recipe contains less than 50% all purpose or
bread flour, then use the WHOLE WHEAT setting as this features a longer knead cycle
which is beneficial for whole grain flours. Active dry, fast rising or bread machine yeast
can be used at both bread settings as well as the dough setting.
An audible alert will sound midway through the knead cycle at the BASIC/SPECIALTY
bread setting to let you know when to add ingredients such as raisins, nuts, etc. for
specialty breads. This will prevent these added ingredients from becoming over mixed or
crushed. If you are not adding ingredients during the knead cycle, ignore the alert when it
sounds. The alert does not sound at the WHOLE WHEAT setting or DOUGH setting.
BREAD COLOR BUTTON: The BREAD COLOR button lets you choose THREE
different crust colors for your bread. With each press of the BREAD COLOR button, the
indicator arrow will point to Light, Medium or Dark on the control panel. Simply select
the desired crust color you wish for the bread recipe you are preparing. When preparing
the small 1-pound loaf, we recommend you use the LIGHT or MEDIUM crust color to
prevent over browning of the smaller loaf.
TIMER BUTTONS FOR DELAY START: The TIMER buttons let you program the
bread maker to start at a later time, which is especially convenient if you wish to wake up
to a fresh loaf of bread in the morning or come home to a fresh loaf for dinner. The timer
can be programmed to delay the start of the bread maker for up to 13 hours. Simply