West Bend L4805 Bread Maker User Manual

Immersing the pan in water can cause damage to the bearing that turns the knead bar.
Dishwasher cleaning can reduce the non-stick qualities of the non-stick finish, causing
the bread to stick in the pan.
Only two parts, the bread pan and kneading bar, need to be cleaned before making bread.
Simply fill bread pan with a small amount of warm water and dishwashing detergent.
Wash the inside of the pan and knead bar with a soft dishcloth or sponge. Empty the
bread pan and rinse the inside and knead bar with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.
Do not use any abrasive scouring pads or cleansers on bread pan or knead bar as
damage to the non-stick coating can occur. CAUTION: To prevent the risk of electrical
shock, do not immerse bread maker base, its cord or plug in water or other liquid.
Wipe the inside of the chamber and the outside surfaces of the bread maker with a damp
cloth and dry with a soft cloth if necessary. Your bread maker is now ready to use.
1.Place knead bar on shaft in bottom of bread pan, matching the opening
of the knead bar with the shape of the shaft. Make sure knead bar is
pushed down onto the shaft and the shaft area is clean.
2.Add ingredients to pan in order listed in recipe, MAKING
SURE to add any liquid ingredients first, followed by dry
ingredients, then butter or margarine and lastly the yeast. After
the dry ingredients are added to the pan, tap to settle, then level
dry ingredients, pushing some of the flour mixture into the
corners of the pan. This will prevent any liquid from seeping up
from the corners. Make a slight well in center of dry ingredients
and add the yeast to the well. This is especially important when
using the Delay Start Timer to prevent the yeast from getting
3.Lock the bread pan into bread maker, turning pan
counterclockwise to lock in place. Note the directional arrows
on edge of pan as to which way to turn for the lock position.
Pan must be locked in place for the bread maker to function
properly. Make sure handle of pan is down, then close cover.