West Bend L4805 Bread Maker User Manual

15. Burning Odor Noted During Ingredients spilled inside Be careful not to spill ingredients
Operation. oven. when adding to pan. Ingredients
can burn onto heating unit and
cause smoke.
Pan leaks. Obtain a replacement. Call number
listed on front of book or on back
of bread maker.
Exceeding capacity of Do not use more ingredients than
bread pan. recommended in recipe and always
measure ingredients accurately.
16. Bread Sticks to Pan. Can happen over Wipe inside of bread pan, from ribs
prolonged use. down, lightly with vegetable oil or
solid shortening. Or, add 1 teaspoon
vegetable oil to liquid in pan before
adding dry ingredients.
Do not use a vegetable spray as
sticking can worsen. Or, let bread
sit in pan 10 minutes before shaking
Replacement pan may be ordered.
See Warranty section.
17. Knead Bar Cannot be Removed. You must add water to Follow cleaning instructions after
bread pan and allow use.
knead bar to soak before
it can be removed.
BASIC/SPECIALTY BREAD SETTING: The recipes in this section can be made at the
BASIC/SPECIALTY Bread Setting. The Delay Start Timer can be used with the recipes with the
Active Dry, Bread Machine or Fast Rising Yeast may be used in the recipes. Use the recommended
amount for the type of yeast being used. Bread Machine and Fast Rising yeast are interchangeable.
ALWAYS make a well in center of dry ingredients for the yeast. This is especially important when
using the Delay Start Timer to prevent the yeast from becoming wet before the bread making process
Use LUKEWARM WATER, about 95°F/35°C, in order to activate the yeast for best results. DO NOT
USE HOT WATER, above 110°F/43°C, as this can kill the yeast.
MILK MUST BE WARMED to about 95°F/35°C, in order to activate the yeast for best results. DO
NOT USE MILK DIRECTLY FROM THE REFRIGERATOR. Gently warm milk in microwave at low
power or in pan on top of range over low heat, using a thermometer to measure correct temperature. DO