Whirlpool EDZZDQ Freezer User Manual

Long vacations
If you will be gone a month or more:
Remove all food from the refrigerator.
2. Turn off the water supply to the ice maker
at least one day ahead of time.
3. When the last load of ice drops, turn off
the ice maker. Make sure all ice is
dispensed out of the ice maker mecha-
4. Unplug the refrigerator.
5. Clean it, rinse well and dry.
Tape rubber or wood blocks to the tops of
both doors to prop them open far enough
for air to get in. This stops odor
and mold
from building up.
Personal Injury Hazard
Do not allow children to dimb on, play
near or climb inside the refrigerator
when the doors are blocked open.
They may become injured or trapped.
To restart refrigerator, see “Using Your
Refrigerator” on page 7.
Power interruptions
If electricity goes off, call the power com-
pany. Ask how long power will be off.
If service will be interrupted 24 hours or
keep both doors
closed. This
helps food stay frozen.
If service will be interrupted longer than
24 hours:
(a) Remove all frozen food and store in a
frozen food locker.
(b) Place 2 Ibs. (0.9 kg) of dry ice in
freezer for every cubic foot of freezer
space. This will keep food frozen for
to 4 days. Wear gloves to protect your
hands from dry ice burns.
When you are moving the refrigerator to a
new home:
Turn off the water supply to the ice
maker at least one day ahead of time.
Disconnect the water line.
After the last load of ice drops, lift the
signal arm to the OFF (up) position.
Remove all food from the refrigerator.
Pack all frozen food in dry ice.
Unplug the refrigerator.
Clean it thoroughly. Rinse well and dry.
Take out all removable parts, wrap them
well, and tape them together so they
don’t shii and rattle.
Screw in the leveling rollers.
Tape the doors shut and tape the power
supply cord to the cabinet.
When you get to your new home, put
everything back and refer to page 5. Also,
remember to reconnect the water supply
(c) If neither a food locker or dry ice is
available, use or can perishable food
at once.
3. A full freezer stays cold longer than a
partly filled one. A freezer full of meat
stays coM longer than a freezer full of
baked goods. lf food contains ice crystals,
it may be safely refrozen, although the
quality and flavor may be affected. If the
condition of the food is poor, or if you feel
it is unsafe, dispose of it.
Questions 7
Call our Consumer Assistance Center
telephone number, l-800-253-1 301.