Whirlpool EDZZDQ Freezer User Manual

Food Storage Guide
There is a correct way to package and store refrigerated or frozen food. To keep food fresher,
longer, take the time to study these recommended steps.
Storing fresh food
Wrap or store food placed in the refrigerator
in airtight and moisture-proof material. This
prevents food odor and taste transfer
throughout the refrigerator. For dated
products, check code date to ensure fresh-
Leafy vegetables
Remove store wrapping and trim or tear off
bruised and discolored areas. Wash in cold
water and drain. Place in plastic bag or
plastic container and store in crisper.
Vegetables with skins
(carrots, peppers)
Store in crisper, plastic bags or plastic
Wash, let dry and store in refrigerator in
plastic bags or crisper. Do not wash or hull
berries until they are ready to use. Sort and
keep berries in their original container in a
crisper, or store in a loosely closed paper
bag on a refrigerator shelf.
Store without washing in egg bin provided,
or in the original carton on an interior shelf.
Wipe milk cartons. For best storage, place
milk on interior shelf.
Butter or margarine
Keep opened butter in covered dish or
closed compartment. When storing an extra
supply, wrap in freezer packaging and
Store in the original wrapping until you are
ready to use it. Once opened, rewrap tightly
in plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
Cover leftovers with plastic wrap or alumi-
num foil. Plastic containers with tight lids can
also be used.
Store most meat in original wrapping as long
as it is airtight and moisture-proof. Rewrap if
necessary. See the following chart for
storage times.
1 to 2
Ground beef
1 to 2
Steaks and roasts
3 to 5
Cured meats
5 to 7
Cold cuts
3 to 5
Variety meats
1 to2
‘If storing meat longer than the times given,
follow the directions for freezing.
NOTE: Use fresh fish and shellfish the same
day as purchased.