Whirlpool WRF992FIFM Refrigerator User Manual

Power Outage
The Power Outage indicator lets you know if the power supply
to the refrigerator has been off and the freezer temperature has
The control panel display will read “Power Outage” and an alert
tone will sound 3 times. Touch any button to stop the tone and
touch any button again to turn off power outage icon.
Once the power outage has been conrmed, the “Power
Outage” will disappear and the display will return to the
Home screen.
External Dispenser Controls
The control is located above the external dispenser of the
IMPORTANT: The display screen on the dispenser control panel
will turn off automatically and enter Sleep mode when the control
buttons and dispenser paddles have not been used for 2 minutes
or more. Touch any control button to reactivate the display
screen. The Home screen will appear as shown.
Center light will fade in during Wake-up mode, will progress
around the circle during ice/water dispensing, and ll in
increments during Measured Fill dispensing.
Fast Ice
The Fast Ice feature assists with temporary periods of heavy ice
use by increasing ice production. Once selected, the Fast Ice
feature will remain on for 24 hours unless manually turned off.
To turn on the Fast Ice feature, touch FAST ICE to activate the
feature. Fast Ice icon will blink, then remain lit.
To manually turn off the Fast Ice feature, touch FAST ICE
again. Fast Ice icon will blink, then be unlit.
The Water Filter status lights on the dispenser controls will let you
know when to change your water lter.
ORDER FILTER (Yellow) - Order a replacement water lter.
REPLACE FILTER (Red) - Replace the water lter. While you
are dispensing water, “Replace Filter” will blink 7 times and
an alert tone will sound 3 times. See “Water Filtration System”
NOTE: REPLACE FILTER will remain illuminated if a lter reset
is not done.
the same time on the temperature control display for
3 seconds to reset water lter. The display will do a 3-second
countdown and then ash the icon and play a tone.
Filter Status
The Whirlpool
App will send an alert that displays the
percentage of use remaining in the water lter (from 100%
to 0%).
Additional Features
Door Ajar Alarm
The Door Ajar Alarm feature sounds an alarm when the
refrigerator door(s) or freezer drawer is open for 5 minutes and
cooling is turned on. The alarm will repeat every 2 minutes. Close
all doors and drawer to turn it off.
NOTE: To mute the audible alarm while keeping the doors open,
such as while cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, touch any
button on the control panel. The alarm sound will be temporarily
turned off, but the Door Ajar icon will still be displayed on the
dispenser control panel.
Lighting the Refrigerator
The refrigerator has an interior light that comes on any time the
door is opened.
NOTE: The light is an LED which does not need to be replaced. If
the LED does not illuminate when the door is opened, call Service
to replace the light. See “Assistance or Service” in the “Warranty”
section for contact information.
Showroom Mode
This mode is used only when the refrigerator is on display in a
retail store. If you unintentionally turn on Showroom mode, the
word “Showroom” will light up on the display. Exit Showroom
mode by pressing and holding FRIDGE and FREEZER at the
same time for 3 seconds.