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Nov 6th, 2008 at 5:33pm

Flashing lights

for Electrolux Dishwasher EIDW6105GB

dishwasher starts to run cycle but stops before completion with all lights flashing


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  • marejw
    Ours is doing the same. We had the circuit board replaced on warranty, and it was fine for a week, but now it's doing it again. I'm fed up. We were told to turn off the power and it would reset itself. It didn't. Let me know if you get a fix, please. Thanksgiving dinner for 15 tomorrow! No dishwasher. Ahhh. marejw

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  • bdlmdtx
    Same dishwasher. Same problem. So what happened?

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  • chaski1952
    Same problem, but it won;'t run at all. Shut power off...which did nothing.

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  • alnj1
    Our serviceman found that a small bit of condensation was dripping onto the control board connector for the wash pump, causing it to short out. The control board is located under the dishwasher in the front. If the door is opened mid cycle, or when there is still moisture on it, drips can run down to the area of the control board. When the serviceman replaced the control board, he covered the new one with plastic wrap to avoid future moisture problems. So good!

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  • annettesherwood
    Never Never buy an Electrolux appliance. The company wont stand behind them --They all have problems!!!!!! Want to go back to Sears appliances

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  • pihas
    same problem. Paid $25 for online suport from eAnswer only to find no help and proposed solution to replace control panel. Holding the hi temp button for 5 seconds does nothing! We've only had this for 6 months. With tomorrow being Thanksgiving we are really bummed out!

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