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Dec 15th, 2008 at 4:32pm

Microwave stopped working

for Emerson Microwave Oven MW8999SB

I am very frustrated. We have only had this Microwave for 6 or 7 months then one day nothing. The clock was still working but the oven nothing. We don't use it much so were not sure what happen. Went to Targart where I purchased and nothing could be done. It is in perfect shape. I am very sad because I like the Emerson Brand. I have seen many complaints about these Microwaves and I think were intitled to a new one or a refund. I don't have receipt because I figured everything was alright. Please help and make this right. Thank you Virginia zoda


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  • beearrry
    My microwave is only a few months new and now electric lightening bolts appear when I try to microwave food. There is no metal at all in the oven. I am perplexed and angry as I spent a lot of money. Got mine at Target too.

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  • ginnyzoda
    I just wrote them a letter and I will email you back when they write back, if they do. I am not going to let this go.

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  • sunshine669
    I purchased my Emerson MW8992SB in Jan. 2008 due to us moving into a new home at the end of February 2008. The microwave was in the box until we moved. Now less than a year after using the microwave, it will come on, but will not heat up. I have my receipt from Target, but they don't care. It's been longer than the 90 days. With todays time, who can afford to pay $50 + on something only to have it quit in such a short period. Apliances, etc. 15 years ago, would still be working today.

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  • tall_dark_n_twisted
    I had the sparks thing happen, it was because of the "splash panel" its a small cover on the right hand side, inside the microwave. I called Emerson and told them what happened they immediately offered to replace the microwave and even fed ex picked it up. I purhcased mine the day after thanksgiving 2008. I did not have the receipt either. Call them, you may get resolution, the number is right on the back of the microwave down by the serial number.

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  • tall_dark_n_twisted
    Also, I had mentioned that the sparking caused a hole to be burned into the plastic coating on the inside of the door, so that may make a difference also.

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  • cherrydee
    I have had this same microwave, which I also got from Target, for about one year. I moved to a different apartment and then all of a power. No clock, no oven no nothing. And the best part about it is that Target could care less...Nice!!!!! I think I will get my next microwave from best buy and it will not be an Emerson brand.

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  • bshawd1
    My husband brought this microwave just before christmas 2010. On the back it says build june 2010. Now June 2011 which we have'nt had it long. just around 6-7 months, just warming a hamburger on paper plate sparks shooting in inside and poping noise. I just read about how much trouble emerson is having with their microwaves catching fire. Something need to be done. I will call emerson in morning to see what can be done. I also brought mind from Target.

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  • lpittre
    same problem. called and reported it to Emerson. I have to send in power cord cut off, plate, roller piece, and label. The company is sending me a new microwave as soon as they receive what I need to send them.

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