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Mar 6th, 2009 at 9:08am

replacement filter for GE 169164 coffee maker

for GE Coffeemaker 169164

I own a GE 169164 12cup coffee maker and am having trouble finding replacement filters for it. Where can I find them or where can I order them, Please.. let me know ASAP because it's getting very close to time for me to clean the maker and replace the filter. Thank You


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  • jrsugden
    They're at Walmart in the coffee maker aisle.

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  • jrsugden
    When I read your reply I stopped by my Walmart and they had a bunch of them. They're small and come in a two pack. The part number is 169183 and the sku is 81131 69183. I attached a link and while they don't have those filters online from what I can see there's a number you can call and possibly order them that way. Looks like this is a Walmart exclusive product so finding them via outside channels may prove to be difficult.

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  • one_foxyladee
    I have checked at the Wal Mart where I purchased the coffee maker, they said they didn't carry the filters and told me to check online and order them there. I have checked 4 stores within my area (a 50 mile radius). Is there anyplace else where I can find these filters?

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  • i_d_panzuki
    I have the same problem finding replacement filters. If you use the information provided on the box of the coffee maker (*For rep filters, look for model #169183, 169218) no info is available on Walmart or GE's websites to purchase replacements and Walmart stores are hit-and-miss. The only answer I'm sure of is that if you ask a Walmart employee if they have the filters, they will tell you to check the area where the coffee makers are. ANYONE know how to purchase these little guys online somehow?

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