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Aug 12th, 2008 at 6:47pm

is there a fuse?

for GE Monogram Ventilation Hood ZV750

After a recent power outage and power surge, my range hood stopped working. Is there a fuse somewhere inthe unit that should be replaced?


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  • Peter Cole
    There is definitely a fuse. You need to remove the the vent covering to access the insides of the hood, you can't get to it from underneath. Once you have the vent cover off there's a black box with 4 screws holding the cover on. Remove the screws, open the box and look for a black fuse holder at the end of a wire. Unscrew the cap on the fuse holder and you'll find a burned out fuse if you installed 50w light bulbs like I did. A pack of 4 fuses was $4 at Radio Shack, which was the only place I could find them.
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  • vox_pop
    I had the exact same problem described after a power brown out. I found a fuse that can be replaced and and exploded parts diagram at the following link:

    Hope this helps.

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  • jamesarcure
    I to installed the 50w halogen bulbs (2) and everything stopped working. Did I cook the transformer r just blow an internal fuse?

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  • doank
    jamesarcure, internal fuse is your primary suspect.

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  • mjz.vq
    Thanks for the help! I had already opened the chimney, found the service envelope which includes a troubleshooting flow list and a exploded diagram. Located the burnt 8amp fuse and replaced it.

    I assumed the lights to be the problem so I tested the fan first. Found that the fan control module works but only has 2 On speeds (Low and Max) and all buttons turn off the fan if pressed twice. Then tested the lights... wala... instant fuse failure.
    Called GE and scheduled a service call for Tuesday because the repair requires another transformer (5th since 2001), modules and other components on the board I can not test and replace with confidence.


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  • doank
    after accidently installed wrong halogen light bulbs 50w instead 20w. Now both fan and lights not working....I dont know it is a fuse or transformer problem? unit is 5 years old! can any body can tell?

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  • mjz.vq
    Just turned on the lights, went out to fire up the grill and wala!... Hood lights were off. Tried the lights... nothing. Checked the fan... again nada! maybe the house breaker panel... nothing tripped.
    I hope the is a simple fix. When our unit was new we replaced the light ballast under the warranty. Now seven years old, we have been through 3 more ballast replacements at our expense. This new problem is different in that it appears no power is getting to the switches at all. nothing works... fan, lights nor switches.
    If you found out there is a fuse please let us know.
    I don't need the manual or installation instruction... already have it. I would like to find an exploded diagram for this unit to educate myself on the components. I wonder if there is one available to us owners.

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  • neifert
    I have a transformer that's always hot, and extremely hot (too hot to touch) when unit is on. This follows a complete shutdown requiring a GE service call, made operable by simply wiggling some wires and checking connections (seriously?!)
    GE and the service co. believe the hot transformer, while off, is normal. GE won't replace anything until it "fails" (?!) I'm concerned about a fire hazard in the confined space (the duct cover has not been reinstalled yet). Any feedback would be appreciated!

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  • visserfund
    Where is this fuse your talking about? Mine has done the same thing!

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