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Sep 2nd, 2009 at 7:10am

How to replace light bulb

for LG Electronics Microwave Oven MC806BL

Bulb =25W T170 240v. Straight tag versions available Ebay UK £2.99. Mine is L tag but poss to modify. UNPLUG OVEN FROM WALL. Turn oven to back. Lid has 5 screws back edges only. Leave 2 screws holding back plate. Remove lid. Turn oven to front.Large white plastic mounting front R. Roughly triangular seen from above. Bulb = black diamond, top left. Unscrew mounting.1 long screw front left, 1 short screw back right. Loosen mounting & lift diamond off plastic pins. Remove cable clip. Bulb will lift out.


  • awxyz42
    Thank you chapelhouse45- It is over three years since you posted that DIY for LG microwave bulb, but it came of use to me today when changing the bulb. Simple yet effective steps. Thought I must post a thank you. :) - Mia

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  • chapelhouse45-1
    Please see Ebay UK item 130312542808 for bent tag version!

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  • m
    Thanks a lot helped, as you said take the screws on the back off to remove the cover and the bulb is inside a white enclosure

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