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Dec 27th, 2008 at 7:11am

clean light flashing

for Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker

how do I clean this coffee maker so that the clean light will go off.


    The process did not make my light go out. But I didn't expect it to since I don't have any deposits in my machine. I have never run anything except distilled water through it. But it's old so I'll just buy another machine.

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  • wpmcguire1
    I just figured the problem out. Pay attention to the instructions. When cleaning, make sure that when you press the start button, that the cleaning light stays red and stops blinking. This will ensure the light goes out after the cleaning... Problem Solved..

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  • port.chili
    Decalcifying your MR. COFFEE® Coffeemaker
    Minerals (calcium/limestone) found in water will leave deposits in your coffeemaker
    and affect its performance. It’s recommended that you regularly remove these
    deposits using MR. COFFEE® Cleaner or vinegar. MR. COFFEE® Cleaner is available at
    many retail stores or by calling the MR. COFFEE® Consumer Service Department at
    1-800-MR COFFEE (1-800-672-6333).
    1. Follow package instructions to prepare one batch of MR. COFFEE® Cleaner. Pour
    the mixture into the water reservoir. Before decalcifying, remove the water filtration
    disk from the machine.
    NOTE: 4 cups or 20 fl. oz. of undiluted, white household vinegar may be used as a
    substitute for the cleaner.
    2. Place an empty MR. COFFEE® 10-12 cup basket-style paper filter or MR. COFFEE®
    permanent filter into the filter basket and close the brew basket lid.
    3. Place the empty decanter back in the unit, centered on the warmer plate.
    4. Press the SELECT button until the red CLEAN indicator light turns on (Figure 11).
    For your convenience the cleaning cycle is automatic.
    The entire cycle will take 45-60 minutes to complete.
    During the cleaning your coffeemaker will:
    a. Slow brew approx. 3 cups of cleaning solution.
    b. Pause for 30 minutes (the CLEAN light will remain
    on to alert you that the process is active).
    c. After 30 minutes, your coffeemaker will brew
    the remainder of the cleaning solution.
    d. When complete, the CLEAN light will turn off and
    your coffeemaker will turn off.

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  • cva621969
    Not Really. Its apparent Mr Coffee has an engineering issue that was never thought about during the design phase. My light still is on and I clean it on regular basis and I believe Mr. Coffee is trying to make all this the fault of the consumer rather than just addressing the issue.

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  • skiellach
    The above instructions worked perfectly Thanks!!

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  • rotherplace
    This has not worked for my mr coffee maker either. I guess once the cleaning processes is triggered the light is there to tell you that it has been cleaned. Ha ha I am frustrated can you tell. I wish I had just purchased the cheaper pot that doesn't have the light. I clean my pot regularly any way

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  • pantsari
    This process did not work on my coffee maker either....light stays on after running through 5 times with vinegar

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  • jennyahee
    It doesnt work, the light is still on & the coffee pot wont work now. Either it is an engineering issue or just planned obsolescence. This is just another piece of temporary, disposable inferior garbage. BTW, no buildup or calcium deposits when the light goes on. Except this to last a few months, if you are not OK with that buy another type which probably won't be any better.

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  • don_younger

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