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Oct 19th, 2008 at 1:19pm

National Rice-O-Mat

for National Products Rice Cooker

I need a manual/instructions for using the above subject (model # SR-W10N)

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  • rainspirit3
    I don't have the manual, but I have that rice cooker and know how to use it.
    Using the cup you got with it, or a one cup measuring cup...add the # of cups of rice you want to make.
    Then fill up to the line inside the pot with water, the line with the number that is the same as the cups of rice you added.
    Like 2 cups rice, fill to line 2 with water.
    Remember to add the rice first to the pot, then the water.
    Also, rinsing the rice with cold water first is best...tastes a lot better.

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