contempra industries, inc., tinton falls, n.j. Kitchen Grill ? Product Support


Oct 18th, 2010 at 2:58pm

electric indoor grill

for contempra industries, inc., tinton falls, n.j. Kitchen Grill ?

purchased @ thrift store brown stoneware body w/ aluminum interior and s.s grate


  • dansanb
    Hw can I get a manual

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  • rhughbobo
    i fished the same item out of the trash because it looked ok, and i cannot figure out if there are other parts missing or is it just the grill, the stoneware circular bowl shaped frame and the aluminum interior parts with holes and bulle shaped indentation. If this is a grill, would not a steak start to burn on the grill? Is it just a burner for the counter? If it is a grill for burgers or steaks the whole kitchen would be full of smoke in minutes. what the **** is it? a counter hot plate for boiling and use with frying pans, etc?

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  • smokiegreg1123
    If anyone has the electrical plug for this item, I am interested in purchasing just the plug... Thanks!!!!

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  • adatexas
    The grill is great it is for one or two people you can cover whole grill but it doesn't smoke up the kitchen

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  • acogollos96
    I need the electric coil for the grill...can't find a phone number for Contempra Industries in New Jersey...

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