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Jul 14th, 2008 at 3:34pm


for Toledo Kitchen Utensil 5400

I have recently received a Toledo slicer that must be 50 years old and have no manual. It seems to operate very well and would like to keep it going. The Toledo light in red lights and the clear portion of the lens still projects light onto the tray where sliced food would rest. Anyone?


  • jbkimrey
    I have this old slicer that needs sharpening. I have no idea how to sharpen the blade. If you have a manual, could surely use it.

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  • jskermont
    Ans am looking for the same information any help out there

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  • vvwlsn
    I just recently purchased the same one would like to find parts

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  • wgosvener
    I have picked up a Toledo Meat Slicer Model #5402-0-025. I would like to get a parts breakdown on it there is one.

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