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Dec 17th, 2008 at 1:46pm

Please help find the manual for this President's choice Slow Cooker

for President's choice Slow Cooker PC 550


  • smartsphere
    I have a PC350 slow cooker from President's Choice and it's the same instructions>

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  • mike
    How to operate: Plug in. Set timer to amount of hours to cook. Press the SELECT button to scroll thru 4 settings -
    "warm", "1" (Low), "2" (Medium)", "3" (High). Once the desired cooking temp selected, press the "round circle" power button to begin cooking. The time display will now start to count down to "0:00" When the cooking time has been reached, the slow cooker will automatically go into "warm" mode for a maximum of 6 hours, then automatically turn off.

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  • jeremyrtodd
    To whomever wrote this, thank you.

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  • Pauline Carriere Kuehn
    Thanks so much. I thought I was losing my mind in addition to losing the manual. Was there never one?

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  • smartsphere
    You Know the count down is working because the ( 5:32 )
    " : " begins to flash to show it is counting down. This also activates the Heating elements! If you press the " Round Circle" again it will reset the timer to Zero!

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  • smartsphere
    and stop the Heating element!

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  • lilsal.bata
    Hello - I only used this maybe 3 times and haven't used this for about 5 years or move and I just tried to use it and the touchscreen worked for 30 seconds then went off and it doesn't turn on anymore... Please help

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