I am so completely frustrated. Calling Samsung direct got me a referral to a company - SERVICE QUICk - and the phone number is no good (or the company does not exist). Anyway, I bought the dishwasher in January and it takes over one hour to do a NORMAL wash and then it does not dry. I was told by a Samsung rep that this length of time is normal. I do not believe. But more distressing is that the dishes do not dry. They are wet when the cycle is finally finished. I need help getting it fixed.

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1 Easy Fix!! I had this issue also.  It irritated the crap out of me.  I exchanged the dishwasher for the same model because i got an awesome deal.  I paid like $300 originally priced at $800 by price matching.  Ran the new dish washer again, and still wet dishes.  Gave up. a few months later  I noticed that LOW RINSE was always illuminated.  I assumed that it was just an energy efficient feature.  i read the manual (not skimmed lol) and it states that energy efficient dishwashers utilizes rinse aids to help with the drying process.  I've never used rinse aids before, and was the first i've heard of them.  I bought Finish Rinse Aid 2 pack from Costco for like $9.00, (it also came with a box of Finish Dishwasher tablets (not great i'd stick with the cascade pouches),  filled up the rinse aid reservoir tank, ran the dishwasher,  BAM! Dry Dishes!! It still took a couple hours to dry, but it did speed it up a little.   I never thought id get so excited over dry dishes.  I literally did my happy dance added a moon walk, a spin, topped it off with a kick and screamed HEE HEE!!  5 Months of Wet Dishes can mess with your head!  I know how you all feel!  I hope this helps and that you do a dance of your own! =)
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0 Same exact problem. Also, now the cycle does not even complete. Two lights blinking. Full of water. Help!
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0 Same problems with ours , hate it but usually love Samsung products wet dishes are a huge annoyance and dishes aren't cleaned half the time. Blinking lights now too , looking for a code reference.
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0 I have worse problems. It will not power up, and I have had the technicians come in on four separate ocassions. They get it to operate once. It works one time and shutsdown again. Currently engaged with Samsung for them to send a tech and get it fix or take it with them.
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0 Anyone have success finding out what the blinking delicate light means? The drain pipe is fine. Had it checked out by a plumber. Only about a year old. Guess we didn't research Samsung dishwasher before we purchased our appliances. Like the rest of them.
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0 I totally agree that these dishwashers are junk.  I had a repairman tell me to take it back if I could.  He said that when he has dealt with any of these dishwashers that they were all terrible and Samsung told him once that the dishes had to be washed better before they were put in the dishwasher.  So basically what we have is a dishwasher that doesn't wash dishes.  Support is no help! I Gus's we should all file a complaint at www.recalls.gov
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0 To all my fellow consumers. I agree that something needs to be done regarding Samsung products.
A year ago I bought a complete kitchen with expensive Samsung products. 
I bought door top display Samsung DD81-01547AEN dishwasher. I barely used it when the display quit. Samsung referred me to a repair service that was going to charge few hundred dollars before showing up. I consulted with my appliances repair guy that I trust. He expressed that Samsung appliances are notorious for breaking down with expensive repairs. He diagnosed my dishwasher problem and talked to Samsung. They recommended to change the mother board at a cost of over $800. That is close to what we bought the dishwasher for. I took out the expensive dishwasher and bought a newer simpler one for less than $450 with a three years warranty.
Now I am having a problem with my refrigerator's ice dispenser. It keeps opening and closing the ice dispenser flap. I checked on the internet. I got depressed with all the problems the consumers are having with Samsung appliances. I am trying to diagnose and disable the noise until I get the warranty service. 
I am a victim to Samsung trashy products like all you. We live in a country where most of the time we can resort to consumer protection agencies.
Please let us unite and help refer each other to the right consumer agency and send our grievances about Samsung products. I think this will send the right message and action to recover our hard earned money and stop these money hungry companies from cheating us and steeling our money and making our lives miserable.
More power to consumers!
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