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Dec 27th, 2007 at 11:51pm

Please help find the manual for this Bread Maker

for Sunbeam Bread Maker BM005B


  • j.kenrick
    I also do not have a manual. But I have been using this recipe... 3 cups of flour, 3 tsp of Edmonds yeast, and 1 and a quarter of lukewarm water. 750gs and medium crust. seems to work fine for me. Just add nuts, fruit when the beep goes off the first time. Hope this helps

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  • j.kenrick
    I forgot to add sorry that The water goes in first. Then your flour (could add 3 tsp of sugar if you want too) make a well with your finger in the top of the flour and put your 3 tsp of yeast in the well. Perfect all the time!!!

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  • j.kenrick
    Geez everytime I read my comment I've forgoten something. 1 and a quarter CUPS!!!!! of luke warm water. cheers

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  • janben
    Have been given the above model of breadmaker which unfortunately does not have a recipe book. Can anyone help please?

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  • mjbarton
    I have recipes but dont know how long to set time for

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