Canon CDI-E067-010 Digital Camera User Manual

Connecting the Camera to a Printer
You can make clear prints swiftly and easily when you connect the camera to a
direct print function compatible printer (optional) or a direct print function
compatible Bubble Jet printer (optional). It can also be used with DPOF print
You are recommended to use the Compact Power Adapter CA-560 to power the
camera when it is connected to the printer. If you are using a battery pack, ensure
that it is fully charged.
Refer to the System Map included with this camera kit for printer information.
Please see your printer’s user guide for instructions on loading paper and installing
ink cassettes / tanks.
Connecting to a Direct Print Function Compatible Printer
Two direct interface cables are supplied with the printer. Use the cable (DIF-100)
that has a
Symbol on the connector to connect to this camera.
Turn off the camera (p. 29).
Attach the power cable to the printer and plug the other end
into power supply, or, install the printer’s rechargeable battery.
Depending on the type of printer you have, it may or may not use
rechargeable batteries. Refer to your printer’s user guide.
Open the LCD monitor.