Creda IDI60 Dishwasher User Manual

First of all.
- Turn on the water supply
tap completely.
- Add the correct amount of
- Load the baskets correctly.
- Check that the spray arms
rotate freely.
- Close the door securely.
Press the ON-OFF button "A":
indicator light "B" comes on. Your
appliance is now on and awaiting
Select the wash cycle.
Select the wash cycle by pressing
button "P". Each time this button is
pressed, one of the indicator lights
“M” will come on in sequence.Select
the wash cycle most suitable for the
type of dishes to wash (see ‘Pro-
gramme Chart’).
Close the door and after a few sec-
onds, you will hear a short beep: the
wash cycle has started.
Modifying a wash cycle in
If you have chosen the wrong cycle
- You can modify the wash cycle in
progress, if it has only just started.
Open the door carefully, to avoid
any hot water splashes. Then keep
button "P" pressed in fro approxi-
mately 5 seconds, until you hear 3
short beeps.
Indicator light "M" will go out to show
all the settings will have been can-
celled. You are now free to re-set
the correct wash cycle.
You've left out a dish?
Interrupt the wash cycle by opening
the door, carefully, then insert the
dish you had forgotten.
When you shut the door the cycle
will start up from where you inter-
rupted it.
Cycle end
The end of the wash cycle is indi-
cated by 2 short beeps and the
flashing of the wash cycle indicator
light “M”.
Open the dishwasher door.
Turn the appliance off by pressing
the ON-OFF button “A”, thus switch-
ing off the electricity supply.
Turn off the water tap.
Wait a few minutes before unload-
ing the dishes: they are very hot! If
you wait a little while, they dry better
due to the steam.
Empty the lower basket first.
There's been a power
failure or you opened the
dishwasher door
The wash cycle stops and then
restarts when the electricity comes
back on or when you close the door.
How to use your Dishwasher