Creda MBC70 Microwave Oven User Manual

Combination 3. FAST-BAKE and Microwave
This Combination mode is very useful for foods which require quick browning or crisping.
Unsuitable foods are casseroles, cakes, meringues, pastries with sweet fillings, foods containing whisked eggs and yorkshire
It is not necessary to preheat and food should always be cooked uncovered.
• Press Combination Pad. Press to select oven
temperature. The oven starts
at 150°C, and then for each
press the temperature will
count up in 10°C stages to
250°C, then to 100°C, 110°C
Press to select Grill Power, if
you wish to adjust from
Grill 2 (Medium) to Grill 3
(Low) or Grill 1 (High).
Press to select Microwave
Power. The options available
will depend on the other
cooking modes previously
• Press to enter required
cooking time. The 10 sec.
pad is inoperable.
Press Start Pad.
The oven will automatically work on HIGH Microwave Power if a cooking time is entered without the power level
previously being selected.