Dacor ID30 Dishwasher User Manual

Important Safety Instructions
Do not install or operate this dishwasher if it has been damaged, dropped, has damaged electrical conduit or
wires or is not working properly. If the product is damaged when received, immediately contact the dealer or
Use this dishwasher only for its intended purpose as outlined in the use and care manual. It is not intended for
commercial use. Certified residential dishwashers are not intended for licensed food establishments.
Read the use and care manual completely before use.
Keep all packaging materials away from children. Plastic bags can cause suffocation.
To avoid electric shock, this dishwasher must be installed and grounded by a qualified installer in a completely
enclosed cabinet according to these installation instructions.
All installation work, plumbing connections and electrical wiring must be performed in accordance with all
applicable codes and standards.
Install or locate this appliance only in accordance with these installation instructions,
The installer must show the customer the location of the fuse or junction box so that the customer knows where
and how to turn the power off.
Before installing or servicing the dishwasher, switch power off at the fuse or junction box and lock the electrical
panel door to prevent power from being switched on accidentally. When the electrical panel cannot be locked,
securely fasten a prominent warning device, such as a tag, to the service panel.
Do not tamper with the controls.
Do not leave children alone or unattended in the area where the dishwasher is in use. Never allow children to sit
or stand on an appliance. Do not let children play with this appliance.
Never allow anyone, including children, to sit or stand on any part of the dishwasher. Stepping or sitting on any
part of it may result in tipping, damage and serious injury.
Many surfaces within the dishwasher achieve high temperatures. Do not touch interior surfaces or items inside
the dishwasher during or immediately after use. Exercise caution when opening the door. Let hot air and steam
escape before looking or reaching inside.
Do not operate the dishwasher without the door completely closed and the toe kick panel in place.
Store all detergents and rinse aids out of the reach of children.
During loading, insert all sharp or pointed objects with the handles up. Locate these items where they will not
damage the door seal or cause personal injury.
Do not tamper with the controls.
Under certain conditions hydrogen gas may be produced in a hot water system that has not been used for two
weeks or more. Hydrogen gas is explosive. If the hot water system has not been used for a period of time, turn
on all hot water faucets and let the water flow for several minutes to release any accumulated hydrogen gas. Do
not smoke or use an open flame during this process.
To prevent child entrapment, always remove the door from an old dishwasher when removing it from service.
To prevent household mold and mildew damage, periodically check the inlet and drain hoses for leaks.
If the dishwasher outlet is connected to a garbage disposal, make sure the disposal is completely empty before
running the dishwasher.
To avoid damage to the racks, do not let sharp edges come into contact with them.
This appliance is designed for installation by more than one person. To avoid personal injury, do not attempt to
move or lift the dishwasher without assistance.
To prevent personal injury and damage to the unit due to it tipping over, attach the anti-tip brackets to the cabinet
before operation. Do not push down on the door when it is open.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, serious injury or death when using the dishwasher, follow basic safety
precautions, including the following: