Electrolux COMBI LW 20 GN 1/1-ELECTRIC Electric Steamer User Manual

Electrolux air-o-steam - level B
Combi LW 20 GN 1/1-electric
Electrolux air-o-steam blends tradition with the latest technological research in order to satisfy the creativity
and working requirements of today's professional kitchen. The air-o-steam range offers a choice of different
models available in two levels of operation, providing a high degree of automation and an extensive range of
accessories. The air-o-steam combis are designed to form complete cook&chill systems together with
air-o-chill blast chillers/freezers, therefore, any installation can be tailored to meet the needs of the caterer.
The air-o-steam combis detailed are level B, 20 GN 1/1 electric models.
• Convection cycle (max. 300 ºC):
ideal for meat to be cooked
without humidity and "au gratin".
In conjunction with the half-power
function for all kinds of pastry
• Steam cycle (max. 130 ºC): for
products that can be cooked in
water. Steam cooking respects the
original properties of food and
reduces weight loss.
• Combi cycle (max. 250ºC): ideal
for most kinds of cooking.
Impressive reduction of cooking
times and food shrinkage. The
humidity generated by the food
and the steam generator is
automatically controlled by the
By-pass technology for saving
water and energy.
• air-o-steam ovens can cook by
controlling either the cooking time
or the product's core temperature
through a single-sensor probe.
• Regeneration cycle: it produces
the best humidity conditions for
quickly heating the products to be
regenerated (max. 250ºC) on the
• Exhaust valve electronically
controlled to extract the humidity
• Fan speeds: full, half speed (for
delicate cooking such as for
baking cakes) and HOLD (pulse
ventilation for baking and low
temperature cooking). The "HOLD
utility" is also perfect for keeping
food warm at the end of the
cooking cycle.
• Low power cycle: for delicate
cooking such as for baking cakes.
• Eco-delta: the temperature
inside the cooking cell is higher
than the temperature of the food
and rises accordingly.
• Air-o-clean: 4 different pre-set
cycles to clean the cooking cell,
according to the actual
requirements. The cleaning
system is built-in (no need for
add-ons). Semi-automatic
cleaning cycle also available.
• Quick cooling: useful when
passing to a type of cooking that
requires a lower temperature than
the previous one, works both
automatically and manually.
• Manual injection of water in the
• Automatic steam generator
water draining with an automatic
scale diagnosis system.