GE 6204 Cooktop User Manual

GE Appliances
Specification Created 1/04
36” Built-In Gas Cooktop
Features and Benefits
Tempered glass cooktop – Delivers a smooth, uniform surface for an attractive
appearance that’s easy-to-clean
Sealed cooktop burners – Eliminate the space between the burners and the cooktop to
help contain spills and boil over liquids, ensuring easy cleanup
High output burner – Provides a powerful 12,000 BTU burner output for efficient
heat-up and boiling
Precise simmer burner – Offers the low setting of 600 BTUs, ensuring more
temperature control for simmering
Porcelain drip bowls –Contain minor spills and are removable for cleaning in the
sink or dishwasher
Dishwasher safe grates – Durable grate construction can be placed into the
dishwashser for easy cleaning and maintenance
Deluxe cast grates – Constructed from a premium cast iron material for a long-lasting
performance and durability
• Model JGP637SEJSS – Stainless steel
• Model JGP637WEJWW – White on white
• Model JGP637CEJCC – Bisque
• Model JGP637BEJBB – Black on black