GE AHH50 Cooktop User Manual

NOTE: When the bucket is full or removed, the
controls cannot be set.
Power Pad
Press to turn the dehumidifier on and off.
Filter Timer
After 250 hours of operation, the Clean the
Filter indicator light will glow to remind you to
clean the filter. Remove the filter and clean it.
Press to turn off the Clean the Filter light. See
the Care and Cleaning section.
Humidity Set Control Pads
The humidity level can be set within a range
of 35% RH (Relative Humidity) to 80% RH
(Relative Humidity) in 5% increments or at
CO for continuous operation.
NOTE: If CO (Continuous) is selected, the
dehumidifier will operate continuously at
its maximum dehumidification settings if
attached to a hose to drain or until the
bucket is full.
For drier air, press the pad and set to
a lower percent value (%).
For damper air, press the pad and set
to a higher percent value (%).
When you first use the dehumidifier, set
the humidity control to 45% or 50%. Allow
at least 24 hours for the dehumidifier to
achieve the humidity level. If you still have
damper air than desired, set the humidity
level to a lower setting or select Continuous
for maximum dehumidification.
Shows the set % humidity level while
setting, then shows the actual (+/– 5%
accuracy) room % humidity level.
Fan Speed Pad
Controls the fan speed.
Press to select either High, Medium or Low
fan speed.
Set the fan control to High for maximum
moisture removal. When the humidity
has been reduced and quiet operation is
preferred, set the fan control to Medium
or Low.
Delay Off
While the dehumidifier is in operation,
press this pad to set it to automatically turn
off in 2 hours or 4 hours.
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Clean the Filter
indicator light
About the controls on the dehumidifier.
Other Features
Glows when the bucket is ready to be emptied,
or when the bucket is removed or not replaced
in the proper position.
If the bucket is full or missing for more than 3
minutes, an alarm will sound for about 10 seconds
to remind you to empty and replace the bucket.
Auto Shut Off
The Water Level Control Switch shuts off the
dehumidifier when the bucket is full, or when
the bucket is removed or not replaced in the
proper position.
Auto Defrost
When frost builds up on the evaporator coils,
the compressor will cycle off and the fan will
continue to run until the frost disappears.
Power Outage
In the case of a power outage or interruption,
the unit will automatically restart, in the settings
last used, after the power is restored.
Continuous operation on
indicator light
Bucket Full light indicates
bucket needs to be emptied
or is not in place in the unit
4 hour or 2 hour
delay off
indicator lights
High, Medium
and Low fan
indicator lights
Power On
indicator light