GE JGP600AEH Cooktop User Manual

Care and Cleaning
. .
Proper care and cleaning are
important so your cooktop will
give you efficient and satisfactory
service. Follow these directions
~arefidly in caring for it to help
assure safk and proper maintenance.
When the cooktop is cool, wash
the outer finish with warm, soapy
water, rinse the surface with clean
water, and dry it with a soft cloth.
You can use any liquid household
Brushed Chrome Finish
(Model JGP600EH)
To remove stubborn soil, use a
paste of baking soda and water.
Never use steel wool, scouring
powder, oven cleaners or other
abrasive cleaners. To restore luster,
spread a thin film of baby oil on the
sur%we, let it stand for about five
minutes, and wipe away any excess
oil with a damp cloth.
Outer Enamel Finish
Occasionally apply a thin coat of
mild ckaning wax, if you wish, to
help protect the enamel ftish. If
you spill foods with a lot of acid
(tomatoes, sauerkraut, fruit juices,
etc.) or fds with high sugar
content, clean them up as soon as
possible. If allowed to set, these
fti could cause a dull spot.
Control Mel
It’s a good idea to wipe the control
panel clean after each use of the
cooktop. For a more thorough
cleaning, the knobs can be removed
by pulling them off the knob stems.
Cle~ with mild soap and water,
rinse with clean water and polish
dry with a soft cloth.
Do not use abrasive cleansers,
strong liquid cleaners or oven
on the control panel—
they will damage the finish.
Burner Grates
Grates should be washed regularly
and, of course, afier spillovers.
Wash them in hot, soapy water and
rinse with clean water. To get rid of
burned-on food, soak the grates in
a slightly diluted liquid cleanser.
Dry the grates with a cloth-don’t
put them back on the cooktop wet.
When replacing the grates, be sure
they’re locked into position over
the burners.
Although they’re durable, the
grates will gradually lose their
shine, regardless of the care you
take of them. This is due to their
exposure to high temperatures.
To preserve the grates’ porcelain
finish as long as possible, have a
pan on the grate before you turn on
the burner, and lower the flame when
fd reaches the desired temperature.
Drip I%ns
Remove the grates and lift out the
chrome drip pans. Wash them in
hot, soapy water. Rinse them with
clean hot water and polish them dry
with a cloth. Never use abrasive
cleaner or steel wool-they’ll scratch
the surface. Instead, soak the drip
pans for about 20 minutes in slightly
diluted liquid cleanser or mild
solution of ammonia and water (1/2
cup of ammonia to one gallon of
water). After soaking, wash them
in hot, soapy water. Rinse with
clean water and polish with a cloth.
Do not clean in self-cleaning oven.
Lift-up Top
Clean the area under the cooktop
often. Built-up soil, especially
grease, may catch fire.
To make cleaning easier, the entire
cooktop maybe lifted up.
f ~.
Be sure all burners are turned off
before raising the cooktop. Then
remove grates, drip pans and knobs,
grasp front of cooktop and lift.
After cleaning under the top with
hot, mild soapy water and a clean
cloth, put the top back in place.
Be carefhl not to pinch your fingers.
Replace drip pans, grates and knobs.
The holes in the burners of your
cooktop must be kept clean at all
times for proper ignition and an
even, unhampered flame.
Clean the burners routinely and
especially afier bad spillovers
which could clog these holes.
Burners lift right out for cleaning.
Note: A screw holds each of the
burners in place to keep them from :
wobbling around during shipment.
TWSindicate their location. Remove
the screw, lift the burner, tilt it to
one side at the end closest to the
igniter and move it toward the back
of the range. This disengages it
from the gas valves at the front of
the range, and it lifts out easily.
To remove burned-on food, soak
the burner in a solution of a product
used for cleaning the inside of coffee
makers. Soak the burner for 20 to
30 minutes. If the food doesn’t
rinse off completely, scrub it with
soap and water or a mild abrasive
cleanser and a damp cloth. ,;”’ -
Before putting the burner back, dry “-”=
it thoroughly by setting it in a warm
oven for 30 minutes. Then place it
back in the range, making sure it is
properly seated and level.