Henny Penny CSL Electric Steamer User Manual

This section provides the installation instructions for the Henny Penny Electric Combi-Steamers.
NOTE: The installation of this unit must conform to all local, state, and federal codes. In the absence of codes use
ANSI/NFPA No. 70-latest edition.
NOTE: Canadian installations must conform with the Canadian electrical code, C22.1, Part 1 and/or local codes.
NOTE: The installation of this equipment should be performed by a qualified technician.
The proper location of the unit is very important for operation and convenience. Choose a location which will provide easy
loading and unloading without interfering with the final assembly of food orders.
NOTE: Adequate clearance must be provided for servicing and for operation.
Table Units:
Minimum clearances have to be maintained from the adjacent walls.
Left Side
Right Side Back Side
CSB,CSM,CSL-6, 10, 1020 6” (150mm) 2” (50mm) 2” (50mm)
NOTE: 14” (350mm) is recommended at the left side of the unit for service purposes.
Place the combi-steamer on an original Henny Penny stand or on a level and sturdy surface. Recommended stand height
is 28.5” (725mm).
Minor unevenness of the surface/floor can be compensated by adjusting the legs of the stand or the appliance.
The weight of the units are as follows:
CSB, CSM, CSL-6 297 lbs. (134.5 kg)
CSB, CSM, CSL-10 349 lbs. (158.0 kg)
CSB, CSM, CSL-1020 507lbs. (230.0 kg)
Installation planning should encourage sufficient space to keep the transport trolley/mobile rack at the left-hand side
of the unit.
NOTE: Ventilation must conform to local, state and national codes. Consult your local fire department or building authorities.
Do Not puncture the cabinet with any objects such as drills or screws as electrical shock, or component
damage could result.
When moving the unit with a pallet jack ensure it is located under the 1-5/8” x 1-5/8” structure frame before
lifting the unit.
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