Audiovox PRO-9900 Remote Starter User Manual

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the transmitter will emit a tone confirming the feature is active.
Note: the unit will start once and run for the prescribed time. If you require more
frequent starting please refer to auto start up timer mode shown earlier in this
NOTE: To insure accurate 24 Hour Start up, it is advisable to reset the start time
periodically as time may drift slightly each day.
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From within the vehicle, if the valet push button is pressed for three seconds,
the alarm unit in the vehicle will transmit to the LCD remote and a beep tone
will be heard and a phone icon will be displayed on the hand held transmitter
indicating that someone is calling you to the vehicle.
Count Down Timer:
The unit offers an additional count down timer for situations where an
alert tone may be needed to remind you of something important. For
instance you may have a meeting 4 hours from now and you want a
reminder in 3 Hrs and 45 Mins. This additional count down timer allows you to
set the count down up 99 Hours and 59 Minutes from the current time and
when the timer reaches zero, the transmitter will emit a tone or vibrate depen-
dent on your preferred setting. Set the timer as shown in the transmitter feature
set up section, then to activate the timer, after exiting the transmitter feature
setting mode, press the "F" + Option buttons simultaneously.
When the System is in the valet mode, the icon shown will show
in the display when the status check buttons are activated.
Parking Meter Count Down Timer.
The transmitter has a built in timer that can count down from 10, 20, 30, 60, 90,
or 120 minutes. This feature is useful when parking the vehicle in a metered
parking lot. If the time on the parking meter is 30 minutes, you can set the
count down timer to 20 minutes. The transmitter will emit a beep tone when
the timer expires to remind you to get back to your vehicle. To use the parking
meter timer, Press the "F" + Option buttons more than one time. Once activated
the Count Down Timer as described above. Activating the "F" + Option a
second time will set the parking meter count down to 10 minutes, a third time
will set it to 20 minutes, a fourth time will set it to 30 minutes, etc... up to 120
minutes, then the cycle will repeat, countdown activation, 10 minutes, 20
minutes and so on. Once you stop at a setting, the unit will count down and
when it reaches the set time will alert you with a beep tone as a reminder that
you have to get back to the vehicle.
Alarm Clock Mode:
The transmitter has a built in alarm clock that can be set to play a
selectable melody at a certain time each day. The alarm clock mode
must be set as described in the transmitter feature section. To use
this feature please refer to the section on transmitter feature
selections. To toggle this feature on and off once this feature and
the time is selected, simply press the "F" + Trunk/Key button simultaneously to
toggle this feature on and off. An icon will appear or disappear, and a melody
will be played when this mode is activated and deactivated.