Kenmore 564.28702700 Freezer User Manual

Upright Freezer
Model No. 28702
7.5 cu. ft. Capacity
Read This Manual!
It will tell you hOW to operate and care for your freezer.
It also offers tips on how to get the best and lowest
cost performance.
If you prefer installing your own parts, use the parts list
providedin this manual to findthe part number, do not
use the illustrationnumber.
In the space provided below, record the model and
serial number of your freezer. Each is printed on the
model number plate located in the upper corner of the
•freezer back. Use these numbers when calling for
Both can be found on the model number plate located
on the rear of the freezer. This information will be
required when calling for parts or service.
Model No.
Date Purchased
Serial No.
Manual Contents:
° Maintenance
° Parts
Full One-Year Warranty on Freezer
For one year from the date of purchase, when this freezer
is operated and maintained according to instructions
attached to or furnished with the product, Sears will repair
this freezer, free of charge, iffound defective in material
or workmanship.
Full Five-Year Warranty on Sealed
Refrigeration System
Forfive years fromthe date of purchase, when this freezer is
operatedand maintainedaccordingto inskuctionsattached to
orfurnishedwiththe product,Seers willrepairthe sealed
system (consistingof refrigerant,conneclJngtubing,and
compressormotor)free of charge, iffound defectivein
material or workmanship.
The above'warranty coverage appliesonly to a freezer which
is used for storage of food for private household purposes.
When your new freezer is delivered, check thoroughly for
shipping damage and missing parts. If you find either, please
nolffy Sears at once.
Location is Important
Your new freezer will work best in a dry, ventilated place,
where lhe temperatore falls between 65 and 110 E Extzeme
temperatures can shorten the freezer's life. Very high
temperatures (such as in an unventilated garage in summer)
also will make your freezer cycle olten, increasing ils
operating cast.
Your freezer must be allowed enough space for proper air
circulation, this freezer is designedfor FREESTANDING
INSTALLATION ONLY and should not be recessed or built-in,
Allow 3 inches of space on each side including the rear and 4
incheson the top of the cabinet. This is particularly important
in hotter climates.
Pick a spotwhere the floorwillsupport the weightof the
freezer fully.loaded. Itis best to keep yourfreezer away from
an oven orother heat source. Pick a safe plat,e, indoors,
away from flammablessuch as gasoline.
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
Part No. 8336460157510 Sears, Roebuck and Co., U.S.A.
(1_1F75I7SW) 303095