Krups 229 Coffeemaker User Manual

First set the digital clock (see “Setting the
Turn the selector switch (m) to the “Prog”
Setting. The insert coffee cup symbol will
flash intermittently in the display area. Set
the hour and minutes in which you would
like the brewing process to commence by
pressing the “h” and “min” buttons
respectively. “Wake-Up” time is now set.
Fill the water chamber to the desired
number of cups. Place the carafe back on its
base. Put in ground coffee. Turn the
selector switch (m) to the “Auto” setting.
The insert coffee cup symbol will remain
constant in display, indicating that the
coffee maker has been programmed.
At the pre-programmed time, the indicator
light will illuminate, indicating that the
brewing process has begun.
Note : If the selector switch is left in the
“auto” position, the coffee maker will turn
itself on everyday at the pre-programmed
time. If you do not wish for this to occur, turn
the coffee maker to the “off” position after
each use.
When to decaclicfy:
- Minerals found in water can clog the coffee
maker or reduce its speed. You will know
when such a cleaning is necessary by an
obvious slowdown in the brewing time. This
extended time indicates that there is a
calcium deposit in your coffee maker.
- You will generally only need to descale every
two to four months depending on the
hardness level of your water.
To decalcify:
Fill the carafe one quarter full of vinegar,
then add cold tap water to the top. Pour
the water/vinegar mixture into the reservoir
opening (2).
Place the empty carafe on the thermal carafe
base and turn on the machine. After the
water/vinegar mixture has been cycled
through, turn off the machine.
Rinse by cycling two or three more carafes of
plain cold tap water.
Do not pour any liquid other than cold tap
water with vinegar into water chamber
when cleaning.
Attention: Do not leave solution within
reach of children.
Always unplug the coffee maker before
Your coffee maker and thermal coffee carafe
must only be cleaned with a damp cloth or
Carefully place some mild liquid soap and
warm water in the carafe and gently shake.
Stains can be removed with a soft brush.
Never clean the thermal coffee carafe with
hard objects: scratches on the glass could
break the carafe.
Remove the filter holder (10) and clean the
filter holder and carafe lid in a solution of
hot water and mild liquid soap. These parts
can also be placed in the upper level of your
dishwasher for safe effective cleaning.
Never use scouring agents.
Never immerse the appliance itself in water
or any other liquid. To clean, simply wipe
with a soft, damp cloth.
Never use a cloth to clean the inside of the
water chamber, as this might leave remnants
or deposits in the chamber. Simply rinse with
cold water, periodically.
. Thermal carafe and lid: model # 269
. Stainless Steel Thermal carafe and lid : model
# 326
. Gold ToneFilter: model # 049
. Paper Filter : model # 983