Scotsman Ice MDT5N25 Ice Maker User Manual

To the owner or user: The service manual you are
reading is intended to provide you, and the
maintenance or service technician with the
information needed to install, start up, clean,
maintain, and service this ice maker-dispenser.
The machine is a combination nugget ice maker
and countertop dispenser, with the option of wall
The ice making section is equipped with the
following features: electronic controls for bin level
and low water; thermostatic expansion valve; front
service for most components; and R-404A
refrigerant. The ice dispensing section is a
seamless plastic storage bin, with a stainless steel
rotating vane to sweep the ice into the dispensing
MDT5N25 & MDT5N40
May 2001
Page 1
Table of Contents
FOR THE INSTALLER: Specifications···································· Page 2
FOR THE INSTALLER: Environmental Limitations ····························· Page 3
FOR THE INSTALLER············································ Page 4
FOR THE INSTALLER: Wall Mount Kit ··································· Page 5
FOR THE PLUMBER ············································ Page 6
FOR THE ELECTRICIAN ·········································· Page 7
FOR THE INSTALLER: Final Check List ·································· Page 8
INITIAL START UP ············································· Page 9
COMPONENT DESCRIPTION ······································· Page 10
COMPONENT DESCRIPTION ······································· Page 11
COMPONENT DESCRIPTION: Control Box ································ Page 12
ELECTRICAL SEQUENCE ········································· Page 13
OPERATION: Water ············································· Page 14
OPERATION: Refrigeration ········································· Page 15
OPERATION: Ice Vending ·········································· Page 16
DISPENSE AREA SANITATION······································· Page 17
CLEANING and SANITIZING ········································ Page 18
MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING······································ Page 19
SERVICE DIAGNOSIS ··········································· Page 21
SERVICE DIAGNOSIS: Circuit Board ···································· Page 23
REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT······································ Page 24
REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT: Bearing And Breaker ·························· Page 25
REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT: Water Seal ······························· Page 27
REFRIGERATION SERVICE: R-404A (HP62) ······························· Page 30
REFRIGERATION SERVICE ········································ Page 31
CIRCUIT BOARD SERVICE········································· Page 32
LIQUID CHARGING ············································ Page 32
Note this symbol when it appears.
It marks a possible hazard.
Parts Lists and Wiring Diagrams are printed on
yellow paper in the center of this manual.
This manual was printed on recycled paper.
Keep it for future reference.