Sharp KB-6015K Microwave Oven User Manual

It is not necessary to buy all new cookware. Many pieces already
in your kitchen can be used successfully in your new Microwave
Drawer. Make sure the utensil does not touch the interior walls
during cooking.
Use these utensils for safe microwave cooking and reheating:
glass ceramic (Pyroceram®), such as Corningware
heat-resistant glass (Pyrex®)
microwave-safe plastics
microwave-safe paper plates
microwave-safe pottery, stoneware and porcelain
browning dish (Do not exceed recommended preheating
time. Follow manufacturer’s directions.)
These items can be used for short time reheating of foods that
have little fat or sugar in them:
wood, straw, wicker
metal pans and bakeware
dishes with metallic trim
non-heat-resistant glass
non-microwave-safe plastics (margarine tubs)
recycled paper products
brown paper bags
food storage bags
metal twist-ties
Should you wish to check if a dish is safe for microwaving,
place the empty dish in the oven and microwave on HIGH for 30
seconds. A dish which becomes very hot should not be used.
The following coverings are ideal:
Paper towels are good for covering foods for reheating and
absorbing fat while cooking bacon.
Wax paper can be used for cooking and reheating.
Plastic wrap that is specially marked for microwave use can
be used for cooking and reheating. DO NOT allow plastic
wrap to touch food. Vent so steam can escape.
Lids that are microwave-safe are a good choice because heat
is kept near the food to hasten cooking.
Oven cooking bags are good for large meats or foods that
need tenderizing. DO NOT use metal twist ties. Remember
to slit bag so steam can escape.
How to use aluminum foil in your Microwave Drawer:
Small at pieces of aluminum foil placed smoothly on the
food can be used to shield areas that are either defrosting or
cooking too quickly.
Foil should not come closer than one inch to any surface of
the Microwave Drawer.
Should you have questions about utensils or coverings, check a
good microwave cookbook or follow recipe suggestions.
ACCESSORIES There are many microwave accessories
available for purchase. Evaluate carefully before you purchase
so that they meet your needs. A microwave-safe thermometer
will assist you in determining correct doneness and assure you
that foods have been cooked to safe temperatures. Sharp is not
responsible for any damage to the Microwave Drawer when
accessories are used.
Children below the age of 7 should use the Microwave Drawer
with a supervising person very near to them. Between the
ages of 7 and 12, the supervising person should be in the same
room. The child must be able to reach the Microwave Drawer
At no time should anyone be allowed to lean or swing on the
Microwave Drawer.
Children should be taught all safety precautions: use potholders,
remove coverings carefully, pay special attention to packages
that crisp food because they may be extra hot.
Donʼt assume that because a child has mastered one cooking
skill he/she can cook everything.
Children need to learn that the Microwave Drawer is not a toy.
See page 16 for Control Lock feature.