Whirlpool 2314466 Freezer User Manual

7. Remove the casters and fasteners from the box.
8. Locate and remove the caster brackets from the FeaturePak.
9. Using ⁵⁄₁₆ 18 x ⁷⁄₈" hex-head bolts, attach one rigid caster and
one swivel caster to each caster bracket. The rigid caster fits the
front of the bracket and the swivel caster fits on the rear.
10. Insert the hex-head bolts from the bottom and start the self-
locking nuts for each caster.
11. Hold the head of the hex-head bolts with a wrench while
tightening the self-locking nuts with a socket wrench.
12. Using a ¹⁄₂" socket wrench, remove the four unit bolts (two on
each side) from the lower front and rear of the convertible
NOTE: Do not remove leveling bolt.
Lower Front Corner
13. Place the slot in the rear of the caster bracket over the hole in the
rear of the convertible refrigerator/freezer. Align the hole in the
front of the caster bracket with the hole in the front of the
convertible refrigerator/freezer.
Lower Rear Corner
14. Hold the bracket in place and insert the unit bolts into the front
and rear unit holes and tighten.
NOTE: Do not overtighten the bolts.
15. Insert two of the ¹⁄₄20 x 1¹⁄₄" self-tapping hex-head bolts and
lock washers into the two holes in the side of the caster bracket.
Push the caster bracket against the bottom of the convertible
refrigerator/freezer and tighten the bolts using a ³⁄₈" socket
16. Repeat steps 12 to 15 for the second caster bracket.
Complete the Assembly
1. Lock the front caster wheels.
2. Insert a small piece of cardboard between the caster brake and
the floor. This will help prevent the brake from rubbing on the
3. Stand the convertible refrigerator/freezer upright.
4. Replace the base grille by placing the metal clips in the openings
in the metal panel and rolling the grille downward until it snaps
into place.
5. Unlock the wheels and move the convertible refrigerator/freezer
into its desired location.
A. Self-locking nut
B. Caster bracket
–18 x
" Hex-head bolt
D. Caster
Leveling bolt (do not remove)
B. Unit bolt
A.Rear unit hole
B.Caster bracket
A. Caster bracket holes